Thursday, January 3, 2013

Entre Vous

Morning Blog Peeps!  Hope this new year is finding you well so far.  This post will be short and sweet - just like my entry "room".  

As I've mentioned, we live in a small house, my entry is roughly 4'x4'' - no coat closet, no spare room to place furniture, yah, bummer.  I used the one empty wall to display my skeleton key collection.  I love skeleton keys, there is something mysterious about them.  I don't have a before picture, but these babies were initially hung on nails in a random just wasn't working for me, too blah.  So this is what I came up with:

The frames were on clearance for 10c each at The Bargin Barn (one of my favorite stops for inexpensive frames/decor) and they were already painted the colors that match my house - BONUS!!  I took some white yarn I had on hand and just wrapped it around the top of the frame, strung some keys and Voila!  Entry Decor!  I used two nails to hang so the frames would be balanced.  Here's an up close shot:

There are so many different "things" you could showcase in this fashion and it's really easy to switch the look up using different ribbons or adding decorative paper or fabric to the back. 

Where do I hang our coats without a coat closet?  Well, the office closet is the official "coat closet", but I did hang up some cute bird hooks on the opposite wall to hang everyday items close by.  

 I have a "thing" for birds.  You will see some form of them in every room.  Don't get me mistaken, I'm not a hoarder of birds with a china cabinet full of them, but I try to put one (or two) birds in each room - they make me happy. :)  

Here's a picture of what the whole entry looks like - sorry it's blurry, I need to hone in on  my camera skills, but you don't want to see this clearly anyways.  It needs help!

I know, I know, the floor is awful (why did the owners use wood colored trim??), the light is awful, that door is begging to be painted!!  This will be a work in progress; changing out the tile would be a major uplift as the space is so dark, but I am waiting until I am ready to cover the other areas of the room at the same time - right now I have 5 different floorings in this open plan space:  
     Entry:  Dark marble tile with grey grout
     Living/Dining:  Wood laminate
     Kitchen:  Ivory/Pink Linoleum (the worst flooring known to man!!  And yes, it has the little pores in it!!)
     Fireplace:  White marble
     Back Entry:  Beige ceramic tile with a mosaic border with white grout

So, you see what I have to deal with here.  My plan is to cover the entries and kitchen with white tile in a diamond pattern.  That will totally make the space more cohesive and bearable.  That's on my very soon to do list.

So - how do you display your collections?  

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