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Welcome to my casa!  This is our first house and oh what a project it was to find.  It is the smallest one we looked at in our price range, but it was also move-in ready (I couldn't believe what some people were trying to sell for top dollar, GAH!).  It is exactly 1,212 sq ft, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one big open living space.  It also boasts a really big back yard for our two boys to romp around in......another selling point that swayed me.  Why did i pick this house??

That beautiful statement of a fireplace!!

  It has turned out to be amazing and difficult to decorate around.  This was one of the first pictures I took of it - none of those items exist in this space (including the paint) anymore and as I get the rooms "fixed" up I will change this page into a before and after gallery so you can see the transformation.

In the mean time, here is what the house looked like after we first moved in and before any paint touched the walls - everything you see here was done by the previous owner an most of the hodge podge of furniture/decorations are all different now.  Notice I wasn't kidding in my "Entre Vous" post about the many different flooring surfaces!    

Looking in from the entry - the back dining room and kitchen wall had a border similar to my sofa which I ripped off as soon as they handed me a key.

View from opposite corner

I show you this beccause when we moved in my husband said that as long as I bought him his big screen TV first, I could do whatever I wanted to the rest of the house.......and he has stayed true to this stance, although I do see a few head shakes and rolled eyes sometimes.....and this wall now baffles me to decorate  

Dining Area - This table was another "first purchase" when we moved in

Laundry Room off the hallway - the door to the left goes to the garage

Master Bedroom

I have more pictures on the other computer so I will have to transfer them over so you can see the other 2 bedrooms, guest & master bath, and garage.  

Thanks for stopping by and check back often for updates!


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